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JCI property management: General overview of what they stand for.

When it comes to the acquisition of housing and property, as well managing, repairing and fixing it to maintain and retain a good condition over a long time, so many people are quite deficient in that respect because they lack the managerial skills and sometimes proper funding to excel in house management. On the long run, this disturbing need experienced by so many individuals seeking to own homes is lightened by JCI property management.

At JCI property management, the belief that the knowledge of people is an essential factor to the success of real estates is the ruling principle that guides the operation of the cooperation. With the right tools, home management and ownership is a pleasure.

The goodnews is that every one desires to own a home, but the sad and disheartening truth is that the cares and burdens of Real Estate could be so overwhelming and distracting, and so it's not something anyone wants to bear upon his fragile shoulders all alone.

JCI property management is a multi-service company that BUYS, REPAIRS, MANAGES and SELLS HOMES while focusing on providing clients with fast, friendly and reliable services. As a team, JCI is tasked with doing the thinking for you, as well bearing up the risks attached on your behalf. With a housing agency as JCI property management, you can sleep with your two eyes tightly closed, and be rest assured your investments are safe.

Overview of JCI Property Management Services.

— Renting & handover: The handing over process / transition period, that sees a change of tenant, including apartment inspection, is what JCI offers.

Collection of rental payments and settlement with the owner

— Regulation of the rental deposits

Approval/verification of rental increase opportunities and realization

— Admonition of debtors and possible initation of the dunning procedure

Operating expenses billings with the tenants

— General correspondence with the tenants

— Assignment of craftsmen to work on some special projects, including an inspection of construction work.

JCI Property Management: Location

The company's registered office address is at, 14 Powis Road, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, England, PR2 1AD.



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