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Children's Health Trains

 At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

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NEW MISSION: We have won our mission to be heard for the beloved trains that are cherished by the thousands!! Now on to our new mission... ensure it is actually done and in a timely manner as well as ensuring the protection of the trains in the process.

Continue to watch for new updates!!

NEW UPDATE as of 1/6/2020: There was a meeting at Children’s Health this weekend to discuss tentative plans for the trains and better understand the outdoor renovations seen in the renderings. There is a bigger picture of what Children’s Health is trying to do for their growing 300,000 patient and families needs. With the information given to me this weekend, I just want to give a little bit of details of some of the things discussed. 

1. Children’s is looking to develop a timeline and how to incorporate the train area into the current lobby space, ideas to preserve parts of the current trainscape along with new elements, and more. It will not be just one little train. We did get into contact with the original train designer, and he is excited to come and look at the new space to see how he can potentially help in the new trainscape. 

2. The current train area is where Starbucks and seating/private areas will be on lower level for families and parents to have the opportunity to get some privacy outside of their hospital rooms. The 2nd floor over current trains are to be a potential area for different amenities to families, play area for all abilities and hopefully a spot for a smaller train area for the in house hospital patients who cannot go to a public area. Not sure if there are renderings on these areas yet.

Changes do need to be made as the patient base grows. The new Trainscape will be something for patients, families, staff and visitors to enjoy for years to come. There is still much to be done in regards to Children’s coming up with new plans for a Trainscape. I assure you that I will follow through with them, as Children’s has invited my parents and I to join them and their family advisors, as they move forward in designing the new trainscape.

#WeSavedTheTrainsAtChildrens #SaveTheTrainsAtChildrens

If you have ever been a patient at this hospital or have had children admitted or there for a checkup, you have witnessed the magic of those trains. I am a former cancer patient of Children's and have been involved with this hospital since 1995. Most of my childhood was spent at Children’s fighting to stay alive from my diagnosis. Being able to go see the trains was such a treasure, for not only me, but also my family during our many visits and overnight stays at the hospital. These trains are a historic icon at Children’s Health that bring such joy to children and their families in their time of sickness and injury. The beautiful scenery and trains are an amazing escape for everyone at that hospital and we will fight to keep them there!!

UNICEF's estimate of 11 million street children in India is considered to be a conservative figure. India has the second largest rail network in the world. Children who run away from their homes both willingly and unwillingly use the railways to travel to other destinations. The train therefore becomes the primary mode of transportation and the railway junctions become home.

Their high mobility makes it essential to work with a multitude of voluntary organizations across states in order to have continued contact with the children and provide support. It is for these very reasons that Railway Children set up its first project in India in 1996.

Railway Children works to ensure child-friendly outreach at all major railway stations in India. They implement this by working with partners such as Childline India, Ministry of Railways, Railway Police, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment etc. Railway Children seeks a balance between:

Providing Services and meeting immediate needs, including healthcare.

Development - bringing about long-term improvements in children's lives through development and the recognition of their rights.

They work with agencies that:

Focus on early intervention with children that have no family contact.

Address the child's right to a family life by seeking to reintegrate children with their families or find an alternative when this is not practicable or desirable.

Have integrated programmes that provide immediate services and developmental opportunities.

Encourage a participatory approach with children.

Encourage advocacy on behalf of the rights of these children.

Develop linkages with other organisations and encourage a sharing environment.

Document their work for future learning.


CChildren health trains helps vulnerable children in grave circumstances. Their objective is to provide relief to children and young people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and in particular to those living on the streets.


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