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Things To Know About Health Vape Rechargeable

 Vape Batteries and Chargers

It is vital to use the correct battery charging system for your device. We have a range of different charging systems to suit the specific needs of your vape kits . We supply a variety of vape batteries and vape battery chargers to ensure the correct wattage is supplied to your batteries, and guarantee you are powering your vape safely. Remember batteries may differ depending on the size and power of your mod battery.

18650 battery

18650 refers to the size of the cell where 18 refers to 18mm diameter and 65mm in height in the same way that 21700 is 21mm diameter and 70mm in height.

Battery life

Refers to how long your battery lasts, it can mean between charge or the whole life of the battery after its charge cycles.

Rechargeable batteries

Are batteries that are able to be recharged, you either use your vape mod or vape kit to recharge then or a standalone charger, all of the batteries that we sell are lithium ion batteries all of our ion batteries are rechargeable. Some vape mods use built-in batteries so you do not need to remove or replace the battery to charge it.

Vape Batteries and Chargers FAQs

What kind of charger do vape batteries use?

This all depends on your vape, USB chargers, and USB-C chargers are some of the most popular ways to charge your device for vapes with internal batteries.

For external swappable batteries we have a range of charging bays for effective and fast charging.

Are all vape pen chargers the same?

You will require specific batteries and battery chargers depending on your device and the batteries that they require. There are not many battery types available, but be sure to check what batteries your device needs before getting them. Each product will have details on what batteries they require, most battery bays will support a range of different batteries.

What is the best vape battery to buy?

18650 batteries are the best and popular batteries to use in vape kits. They are rechargeable batteries so you can use a battery bay in order to charge them. We have a range of 18650 vape batteries available on our site, and they ensure longevity of your device and maintain power while vaping.

What are the best e cig batteries?

The best e-cig 18650 batteries are the Sony VTC Range, these can be used in vape mods and in mechanical mods.

Are all e-cig batteries the same?

No, ecig batteries are available in a range of sizes from the most common, 18650 battery to newer larger sized 21700’s e-cigarette batteries. The larger size batteries can only be used in certain vape mods and vape kits so you have to make sure the removable batteries are compatible with your vape mod or box mod however the vast majority of vape kits with removable batteries use 18650 battery.

What is the longest-lasting vape battery?

The longest-lasting ecig batteries are the

Molicel P42A which has a 4200mAh capacity, this is a 27100 battery.

How do I choose a vape battery?

To choose the right ecig batteries, you must always purchase from a reputable e-cigarette retailer, ensure they are correctly wrapped safely stored and that they are compatible with your vape mod or box mods.

When should I replace my vape battery?

You should typically replace your vape batteries when they are damaged or if you feel a drop in performance, typically 2 to 3 times a year, its a good idea to keep spare batteries with you in case your current batteries fail or are damaged.

Should I let my vape battery die before charging?

Ideally, you should not let this happen too often. Most vape battery charges do not come with IMR battery restoration which revives dead batteries. you should recharge your lithium ion battery well before they die.

How long do vape batteries last?

On average ecig batteries typically last up to 6 months when it's recommended to replace them. The actual charge on the battery depends on the power that's used when vaping and the settings of your vape mods, this can be a few days if you have a high resistance coil with low power or a few hours with low resistance and high power.

What are the best variable voltage ecig batteries?

The best variable voltage e-cigarette batteries are commonly the 18650 batteries.


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