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Capital Campaign Mental Health: Full description.

              How to participate and many more.

In a world particularly ravaged with so many life threatening ailments and diseases seeking to adversely retard the progress of the entire human race, it is not surprising how that measures have been put in place to curb these ailments, so that their malicious intents doesn't heavily wear down the progress so far.

In as much as these approaches and measures are rewarding and quickly implementing all that was intended for them, fact still remains that not only these ailments are theeats, other potential threats still exists among individuals.

Commonly noticeable among teenagers and young adults is a deadly killer, which happens not to be a virus, bacteria or fungi, but surely it has led to the sudden and unexpected demise of a handful highly productive youthful potentials.

This slow but deadly killer is none else but, an unaddressed mental health and state. By far it has been on record as one of the leading causes of suicides, and other mental ailments people have to put up with as a consequence of so many factors.

As a result, these individuals, have got to receive proper attention at tender stages in order to avoid the problem degenerating further, beyond possible control.

On the premises of this, the Capital Campaign Mental Health, is a well Intentioned move, to step out



and reach out to individuals dieing within without even them knowing it most times. A more deteriorated case of mental issues could arise from uncontrolled addictions, social abuse, depression, inferiority complex and many more.

The measures put in place is to ensure the provision of necessary facilities and encouraging environments that supports an improved mental state or health. Apart from facilities and equipments put in place for a better health or mental health state, quality initiatives and innovations are also part and parcel of what the Mental health campaign revolves around.

Further more, an alarming and concerning research carried out in 2013 revealed that an estimate of 70% of individuals with mental illness had no way of receiving treatment. This alone has triggered and prompted the campaign onto another level.

Most communities do not have immediate access to quality health services that can remedy the sad tale of suicide attempts and all mental health related extreme cases.

Moreso, isolating them away from the general community looks to be a heartbreaking task, seeing that there are no proper enclosed spaces or locations to hand them in for close monitoring especially, when the mental case is still in it's minor stages.

Goals and objectives of the Capital Campaign Mental Health

On a more realistic term, the goals and objectives of the campaign hinges about these below:


- Increasing patients visibility and easier access of communities to sound mental health services

- Reaching out in service to more people in dire need of mental health services.

- Providing enclosed and closely monitored spaces, that facilitates and supports quick recovery

- Creating a trauma recuperating environment, for those who have in the past suffered severe all almost deadly trauma cases.

- Helping to destigmatize the concepts many hold generally about addiction and mental illness

- Creating community grounds and locations for peer support

- Conducting outpatient Services by taking the much needed health services to the interiors, where many can receive help without having to leave their homes

- Creating accommodative spaces for the working staff and community partners to work more closely hand in hand.

Donations and Sponsorships

For every highly successful campaign, there ought to be donations coming in from every side to ensure it's continuity and impact. Same way it goes for the the Capital Campaign Mental Health, all hands must be on deck to see that communities no longer have to bear the pain of prolonged mental illnesses with no end in sight.

Therefore, donations and sponsorships will be welcome from all levels. However one decides to lend or contribute his own quota. Either by:

- Volunteering as a mental health worker

- Supplying materials and equipments

- Being a part of the work force educating the public on mental health related topics.

And on and on it goes, you just have to stick your foot out, and scout for opportunities you best fit in, and bring the much needed and appreciated assistance to fast ailing communities.


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