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Therapist Choice: All that you need to know about the Organization.

Spanning over 20 years in existence, Choice Therapist has been in the business of helping the elderly in PA, NJ and DE who may or may not be homebound or may have one access challenge or the other.

Owned by two siblings, Mike Gasiewski and Ed Gasiewski who are practicing occupational and physical therapists respectively. Therapy Choice specializes in outpatient physical and occupational therapy services to community members in their homes.

The organization, Therapy Choice works hand in hand with these medical bodies:

— Primary Care Physicians

— Concierge Medicine Practices

— Local Hospital Systems

— Veterans Administration Hospital and its affiliates

— Home Health Agencies

Therapist Choice order of service

Basically the organization Therapist Choice offers 4 major services to the public. They are as follows:

1. Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy aims at increasing mobility strength, and coordination in patients. Physical Therapy requires a physical therapist, so therefore, who is a physical therapist ?

A physical therapist is a licensed, highly educated health care professionals trained to help patients relieve pain and in most cases improve or restore mobility as the case may be, and also ensuring, that expensive surgery cases are minimised.

The job of a physical therapist also cuts across educating patients on how best to prevent or manage their condition to make sure it doesn't deteriorate, hence achieving long-term health benefits. A physical therapist carefully examines each one individual patient, and develops a plan and treatment technique that matches his discovery to enhance mobility, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent further disability in the patient.

A physical therapist also develops fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles, to prevent the loss of mobility before it ever gets the chance of happening.

2. Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy involves reinstating a patient back to normal physical activities and responsibilities in the home or in the workplace as before. It could be helping a recuperating accident victim, to get back to normal physical activities or aiding a disabled kid get back along with school life. Whichever way the process still applies.

3. Speech therapy

Speech therapy involves handling speech and communication related impediments performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or if you like, speech therapists. Depending on the type of communication or speech disorder, speech therapists examines patients and know the right way to go about it.

4. Home safety evaluations

For the well advanced in age, this service covers a well detailed assessment of their homes, to identify potential risk factors and consequently find a way of averting them. This could be performed by an occupational therapist.

An occupational therapist evaluates the safety of your home and offer possible professional recommendations for modifications if needed. Getting a home safety assessment from professionals helps prevent fall related injuries, which happens to be one of the commonest source of injuries among older adults.

There are quite a handful of equipments to be recommended, but the occupational therapist, takes out time to evaluate each patient, and from his observations recommend the appropriate equipment for the situation.

Ailments handled by Choice therapist

The list is all encompassing, as well comprehensive, but for brevity sake, we'd only touch on these few:

— Knee and hip pain relief

Post surgical rehab

— Neck pain and headache pain relief

Balance and gait disorders

Wrist and hand pain relief

Chronic pain relief

— Shoulder pain relief

Neurological Disorders

— Parkinson's Disease


— Pre-surgical rehab operation

— Work injuries

Arthritis pain relief

— Sciatica and back pain relief

Foot and ankle pain relief

— Pelvic pain relief

— Stroke

— Fibromyalgia

— Multiple Sclerosis

Manner of treatment at Choice therapist ( How treatment happens )

The following methods of treatment operations are deployed by choice therapist in handling the aforementioned ailments.

Ergonomic training

— Assistive Devices

— Therapeutic Exercises

— Wheelchair positioning

Reduction in risk of Falling

— Joint Mobilization

— Manual therapy

Therapist Choice equipments and devices

▪️ SensaSoft Corner Platform



▪️ Wobble Chair



▪️ SensaSoft Infinity Tunnel



▪️ Minky Weighted Blanket



▪️ Web Swing Chair



▪️ Magic Carpet Swing



▪️ Textured Wall Panels



▪️ Tough and Textured Beanbag Chair



▪️ Weighted Fleece Hoodie Jacket



▪️ Prewriting Gel Pad


▪️ Weighted Sequin Pillow


▪️ Weighted Sequin Fidget


Weighted Teddy Bear


Pencil Toppers - 5 Styles


▪️ SensaSoft Calming Music Touch Wall



▪️ SensaSoft Squeezie Seat - 3 Sizes



▪️ 2 Cozy Canoes in colors dark blue and pink



▪️ Sensory Twists - Set of 6


▪️ Yellow Chair Ball



▪️ Soft Plush Weighted Blanket



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