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Racquetball court kits for your home.

 Racquetball means more than a sport or game a group of persons just stick around in an enclosed court hitting and batting away. Racquetball is always fun an experience for anyone to afford missing it's amazing features.

Talk about the health benefits attached, Racquetball has a global recognition for helping people maintain fitness and develop strong mutual relationships between family members and friends, simply due to how closely it can be attached unto the family house. One spacious end of the home is all that is required to erect a standing Racquetball Court. It is fun practicing, and it is way easy learning, as you can be a pro in no time. The game itself doesn't necessarily need much of equipments to make a game, just a few equipments, and a good game of racquetball can be played.

That then brings us to the big question

How is Racquetball played ?

As the name goes, the game of racquetball is played with a Racquet, and as usual, a rubber ball that bounces off to and fro the walls, ceiling and base of a racquetball court. The game is started by two opponents rallying the ball back and forth. Rallying starts as soon as the ball is served, and the two opponents, continuously make attempts to hit the ball back and forth at each other, in a manner that seeks to displace the other player, so as to win a point. While the rallying process is in full swing, the ball can hit any walls, so long as it hits the front wall before it bounces unto the floor, game continues, as long as it doesn’t bounce on the floor twice in quick succession.

Equipments used in Racquetball

Quite a good number of equipments are used in the game of racquetball, while you can do without some, others prove to be highly essential if game must continue. These equipments include:


Rubber balls

Gloves for strong grip on racquet

Court shoes with good grip on contact with the floor, so as not to slip off while playing.

Athletic goggles to prevent eye injuries

Most importantly, racquetball court.

Emphasis on this article now lies on kits to adorn your racquetball court with. So let's jump right into it.

However, it is important you know, that purchases and installation of these kits should be done by professionals who have a track record of delivering quality services to clients, so as not to incure trouble upon oneself.

Meanwhile, here are the kits you need to give your Racquetball Court an exquisite look.

1. High impact wall and ceiling panels

These are the most important component of the entire court structure. They happen to be one of the first and most important places to give all attention, because the ball needs to make contact with surfaces that can send back and forth while Rallying.

2. Maple floor system with padded sleeper underlayment

As well the floor has also got to meet same criteria as the walls and ceilings.

3. Light gauge steel framing for the walls and ceiling

Livening up the whole court, doesn't mean you are gonna leave hollows in between spaces as you hit and bat against your opponents, that's why you need this.

4. Impact-resistant light fixtures

To brighten up the whole scene, you need this to ensure the impact of the hits never gets out of hand.

5. Solid core flush-mounted door system

6. Wallyball kit

7. Goody Box

8. Optional glass door or glass walls

Maintaining the Racquetball court

To ensure your dream racquetball court isn't just another wasted effort, necessity is laid upon you to make sure, it remains in a good working and presentable form.

It doesn't cost much to maintain a Racquet ball court, you are on your way, with these simple steps:

1. Maintain a steady temperature and humid atmosphere in the court constantly.

2. While sweeping the floor, use a regular soft bristle brush or untreated dust mop to remove traces of dust.

3. In case of spills, use a clean cloth material to wipe off immediately.

4. Never use household cleaners that could leave the floor sticky or slippery.

5. Carefully wipe off scratches and cases of wear and tears should be handled properly.

What else can I do with my Racquetball court ?

In addition to owning a racquetball court, here are other games you can enjoy with your family and friends on your newly installed Racquetball Court system.

1. Wallyball: This is likely an indoor variation of the volleyball game, so it is an experience you wouldn't want to miss out on.

2. Basketball: Oh yeah, the skills of Micheal Jordan can be replicated in your court as you introduce the game of basketball. 


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