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Gainesville Health and Fitness: A Qualitative Review.

 Gainesville Health and Fitness: A Qualitative Review.

The beautiful thing about joining a health fitness club is that you get to live out your dream of staying fit, in no time. Because the positive energy flowing amongst trainers and trainees, is enough to give you that welcome idea that indeed, it's worth the time. A health and fitness club is one that quarantees assurance of speedy development, while maintaining a steady rythmic progress. It lives up to that by the level of commitment and dedication put forth towards achieving just that, and I can tell you, this goal has seen fulfilment in Gainesville Health and Fitness.

About Gainesville Health and Fitness

Spanning almost 4 decades now, Gainesville Health & Fitness was built on the foundation of helping individuals who has little or no interest, or enthusiasm nor the experience to start up the exercising journey.

GHF opened its doors in 1978 with founder and owner Joe Cirulli as the visionary leader.

Gainesville Health & Fitness (GHF) is an internationally recognized fitness company with three gym locations in Gainesville and two outpatient orthopedic rehab centers located inside GHF. With over 115,000 sq. ft. of space, customers have the greatest access to health.

Gainesville Health and Fitness, has long since revolutionized the fitness industry with a customer experience that is culture-driven and designed to help participants unleash their fullest potential. 

Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers

Currently, Gainesville Health and Fitness runs 3 centers, all saddled with same responsibility of maintaining the goal and mission of the Health and fitness club. A quick look into these 3 centers:

1. Gainesville Health and fitness Main Center

Gainesville Health and Fitness Main Center offers nearly 80,000 square-feet of state-of-the-art equipment, innovative fitness options and resort-style amenities, providing a comprehensive health club experience. Indoor basketball/volleyball courts, a complete aquatic center and health and recovery resources, are also offered in Gainesville's main center. 

Ready to sweat it out with almost 600 group fitness classes per month ? Or a spin in our one-of-a-kind SkyCycle cycling studio. Get lasting results with our boutique small group training options. Or excel through the one-on-one motivation and accountability training session with a personal trainer.

You'd get to experience a stream line variety of fitness, facilities, and programs to keep you perpetually on the go, towards a cultivated exercise habit.

Access is 24/7. 

2. Gainesville Health and fitness women center

GHF's women community is exclusively designed to support and motivate women to lead a healthy and happy life, to make their goals come true. The most essential part of women development comes when there is an organised platform that connects them, and that is what GHF's women center is all about.

Access is structured in the following order:

5am - 9pm: Monday - Thursday

5am - 8pm: Friday

8am - 6pm: Saturday

Closed Sundays.

5am - 9pm: Monday - Thursday

5am - 8pm: Friday

8am - 6pm: Saturday

Closed Sundays luxurious spaces, deluxe amenities and innovative training options, including a dedicated Pilates studio & CrossFit turf area. Cutting across from the state-of-the-art cardio and strength training areas to the upscale locker rooms with private changing areas, every detail was simply designed with general body fitness in mind.

GHF’s Tioga Center is the perfect place to elevate your fitness and unleash your potential.

Access is restricted in the following order:

5am-10pm: Mon-Thurs

5am-9pm: Friday

8am-6pm: Saturday

10am-5pm: Sunday

Gainesville Health and Fitness Amenities/ Features

▪️ Cardio and strength machines

▪️ Supervised strength circuit for beginners

▪️ Indoor heated pool

▪️ Sauna, steam room and whirlpool

▪️ Warm and cold therapy pools

▪️ Arthritis and Aquatic Center

▪️ Indoor cycling studio

▪️ Free babysitting

▪️ 600 group classes monthly

▪️ Cycle studio

▪️ Staff to help you every time

▪️ X-Force negative-only training center

▪️ Stretching and ab workout area

▪️ Indoor basketball and volleyball court

▪️ Showers, vanities, hair dryers, lockers, private changing area

▪️ J-Bar Smoothie Bar

▪️ Complimentary Wifi

▪️ X-Force negative-only training center

▪️ Stretching and ab workout area

▪️ Indoor basketball and volleyball court

▪️ Showers, vanities, hair dryers, lockers, private changing area

▪️ J-Bar Smoothie Bar

▪️ Complimentary Wifi

Group Classes at Gainesville Health and Fitness

With over 1,000 classes per month across our three convenient locations, as already stated above. GHF offers the best variety of group fitness classes in Gainesville. Whether you’re looking to raise your heart rate with cardio classes, tone your abs, or find your zen, GHF has got the perfect class, that suits just that sole purpose for you.

Here are few classes organized by Gainesville Health and Fitness:

Aqua Strength and Balance

Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Flow, Combat, CXWORX)

Circuit Training/HIIT

Pilates Recovery


SkyCycle Indoor Cycling

Tai Chi


Yoga For Pregnancy (fee-based)

Zumba and Hip Hop

Body pump

Body combat

Cardio Party Mashup

Registration for Gainesville Health and fitness

You can get a free class at Gainesville Health and fitness for one day, and satisfactorily you can then decide to register with them or not.

Currently placed at $14 per week you can start your journey today as Gainesville Health and fitness member.

More detailed informations are disbursed in the Fitness club's website.

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